Investment and Development Department

We are researching the orientation of the industrial development, and seeking for investment opportunities or potential projects, based on the situation of African market. In addition, we are specialized in researching, organizing, coordination and management of investment decisions. We are also responsible for the investigation and demonstration of foreign investment projects. Moreover, we are in charge of the preparation of project proposals, feasibility reports and other documents,as well as the formulation, organization , actualization and process management of annual investment plan.

  • Project consultation, design and management
  • Project investment and management,such as agriculture, manufacture, road, bridge, electricity, water supply and drainage facilities, housing constructive projects, port, large market constructive projects
  • Introduction of capital, technology and management of all projects relevant



  • TEL:00254-20-2315586
  • 00254-20-2315595
  • FAX:00254-20-2347189